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Allstate Auto Glass Inc. specializes in same day auto glass services including windshield repair, replacement of both windshield and side mirrors, rear shield replacement as well as side window replacement. With over 15 years’ experience, the company is known to offer some of the best auto glass services in Fairfax VA and beyond.

Professional Auto Glass Fairfax Va

Though our offices are in Fairfax, we are flexible enough to meet you wherever you are in the city and to attend to your vehicle as you work. Your day will be uninterrupted as our able technicians work on both local and international models of vehicles. We repair cracked glass while the problem is still repairable instead of waiting to replace it expensively.

Why Choose Us?

Fairfax VA has lots of auto glass service providers and so we know you have options. However, our loyal customers have been with us for over a decade for a reason and some of them are as follows.

• Insurance Coverage
Allstate Auto Glass Inc. accepts all insurance covers, removing the burden of having to pay out of pocket for car repairs and fixing. We work directly with these providers, taking the burden of communication off your hands. If your car is leased, we deal directly with the lessor so you don’t have to pay a dime for work done.

• Premium Services for Less
The one thing that stands out for Allstate Auto Glass Inc. is the level of professionalism and the kind of service you get from our A-team technicians. The services are premium and hailed all over Fairfax, yet our prices are quite low. This perfect balance saves you money, adds value to your vehicle and we get all this done at your preferred location and time.

• We Repair First
Instead of having to replace parts and cost you a neat sum, we opt to repair whenever we can. Our technicians will have a good look to decide what would work best – repairs or replacement – and will only do what is best for your car. Most of the time, we find that the cars brought to us only need minor repairs and not complete replacements.

• High-Quality Glass
Besides the high-quality services we provide, our glass is top of the range. We have extensive warranties that will be effective for as long as you have your car. Our glass replacements and installments are made using the latest technology to add value to your car. We source from original equipment manufacturers and will only install the best in your vehicle. We not only give your vehicle great service, but we also add to its resale value.

We have been in Fairfax VA for close to two decades now, and in this time, we have worked with lots of people within the community. We are focused on building relationships as they have proven to be the best and most sincere form of advertising. We treat each customer – new or existing – as best as we can, offering unbeatable service at the best price in town. We have thus amassed a long list of grateful repeat customers who have not hesitated to refer us to their circles.

Allstate Auto Glass Inc. attends to walk-in and drive-in clients as well as those with prior contracts with the company. The only difference is in the cost of service as the latter are charged a little less, thanks to the contractual obligation. The services are the same for each client regardless of how they got to know about us.

Whether you want us to come to you or you will bring in the vehicle for service, you are in good hands at Allstate Auto Glass Inc. Look no further for your auto glass services in Fairfax, VA.

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