Auto Windshield Replacement Fairfax VA

Auto Windshield Replacement

Allstate Auto Glass Inc. has been in the auto windshield replacement business for over 15 years, making it one of the pioneers of auto glass services in Fairfax. Over this time, we have attended to all types of cars and developed lasting relationships with the area residents that have become repeat customers.

Allstate is committed to high quality which is what we have been giving for close to a decade. We have established relationships with dealers in original car parts, which is how we have been able to bring only the best to the market. Every auto glass replacement we make utilizes only the best products, a tribute that has earned us a good relationship with our clients.

Auto windshield replacement becomes necessary when a crack on the glass is neglected for too long to become irreparable. We always recommend booking an appointment as soon as you suffer that chip, but if time has passed and repairs are not possible, we replace the windshield with original parts that will be covered under an extensive warranty.

Replacing Windshields

Allstate technicians will look at two main factors when replacing windshields; the technology complexity and the make of your car. The more advanced your car’s tech, the more it will cost and also the more time it could take. Cars differ in make and model but our able techs are amply trained to work on any model on the market.

We first examine the car to see the extent of damage and technology used before embarking on replacement. We come to you to do both the examination and the work, and so you don’t have to the time off your schedule to bring the car to us. After determining the extent of work, we give you a pro-forma invoice so you know how much you will potentially pay after service has been rendered. Being as we accept insurance, the final invoice is always likely to be lower than the initial bill.

Why Choose Allstate Auto Glass Inc.?

Allstate has been in the business for close to twenty years during which time we have not only worked with some of rarest models of cars, but we have also amassed tons of experience in all maters auto glass. Why do our repeat clients speak so highly of us?

• Unbeatable Prices
We confidently say we offer some of the best auto glass services in Fairfax for the best price. Simply put, we are unmatched in these two areas as reported by many clients. We offer both personal and corporate services at your location for all types of cars. We take insurance too to lower your liability where possible.

• Expert Care
It is not enough to have friendly staff – they have to be knowledgeable too, which is what ours are. Every technician working at Allstate is certified and well-trained to keep up with the changing landscape in auto care. They undergo annual training to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, which is how we are able to work on the latest car models.

• Flexible Working Hours
In an ideal world, we would prefer that everyone makes an appointment to give us enough time to allocate our resources accordingly. However, we do understand emergencies happen at times, and so we allow late evening and early morning bookings or even weekend appointments. Our flexible technicians will come to your location and work on your car as you go about your business, which ensures no downtime.

If you have a crack on your windshield, don’t beat yourself about it too much. It is bound to happen at some point. Just call Allstate Auto Glass Inc. for all your auto windshield replacement needs in Fairfax VA.

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