Windshield Chip Repair Fairfax VA

Windshield Chip Repair in Fairfax, VA

If you have your windshield chipped, but don’t have any idea what to do about it, turn to Allstate Auto Glass Inc. for help. Allstate Auto Glass Inc. has been operating in North Virginia for almost two decades and has been a proven provider of car window repair and replacement services in Fairfax.

Windshields are exposed to several elements: road conditions, temperature variation, cold, heat, motion-related vibrations, etc. These elements make them susceptible to damage. While there’s not much you can do to guard your windshield against them, you can always opt for the best technician to deal with any potential damage. Allstate Auto Glass is conveniently located in Fairfax and is available 24/7 for repairs that breathe a new life into your car.

While windshield chips may seem daunting, they can be repaired without replacing the entire piece. However, this has to be done in a timely manner as chips escalate to a much bigger dent that could require replacement.

Though they are hard for others to notice as they are quite small, windshield chips can do irreparable damage when left for long. They will harbor debris and dirt that could render repair impossible, which is why time is of the essence. At Allstate, the technicians will first investigate the nature of chip so they know how to approach repair. The whole process could take half an hour to three hours depending on the extent of damage.

Why Work with Allstate Auto Inc.?

The people of Fairfax VA have been coming back to Allstate Inc. for over 18 year for these reasons and many more;

• Great Technicians
Our technicians have been in the industry for years now and have worked in all types of cars. We only hire highly trained and certified techs who also undergo mandatory annual training to update their skills. They will not only work on the auto glass, but they will also vacuum your car’s seats and interior to leave it much better than they found it. They work expeditiously too, yet are careful to ensure that all the parts of the car are in their best state.

• Quality Products
Any glass that we use on your car is sourced from original manufacturers through their certified distributors. These parts will serve you for as long as you have your car, thanks to our extensive warranty. We admit these auto glass products are more expensive when compared to counterfeit, but they will serve you for longer depending on how you care for your automobile.

• Reasonable Pricing
We have an open policy where we bill you before we do the job. This ensures no surprises when the final bill is presented after work has been done. Our goods and services are priced competitively too. Since we accept insurance, we take up the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with providers. After the deductible amount due to you, the final invoice is usually pocket-friendly. The final invoice is mailed to you after services are rendered.

• Flexible Scheduling
Allstate advocates for making appointments but we know that is not always possible when emergencies happen. We accept weekend bookings as well as early morning and late evening appointments. For corporate accounts, we prefer that appointments be made in advance so we allocate our resources appropriately.

You do not want to wait until the chip on your windshield becomes noticeable because by then, it will probably be too late to repair it. It will cost you several times more to replace the entire part and so it would only make sense to want it repaired as soon as it happens. Call us for windshield chip repairs in the Fairfax, VA area.

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