Windshield Repair Fairfax VA

Windshield Repair

Allstate has been in the Fairfax VA area for close to 20 years now and has built a household name thanks to its windshield repair services. We repair and install auto glass in all types of cars, whether domestically manufactured or imported. We work with large trucks, small personal vehicles, and even minivans.

Having been in Fairfax for that long, we have built a local community based on the values that we started with in 2000. The local community has been our most vocal supporter, thanks to high-quality services and original auto glass. Our professional team is not only well trained and educated on matters auto glass, but all techs also go through annual training to update their knowledge and pick up innovation. Simply put, your car is on safe hands.

Personal Vehicles and Corporate Fleets

At Allstate, we not only deal with personal vehicles, but we also have special corporate accounts where we handle fleets of cars managed by an organization. We deal with fleet managers, body shop managers and service managers to open special corporate accounts that receive special terms of settlement. Our certified technicians will come to your location to repair and replace auto glass and get your fleet back to work in good time.

For personal vehicles, we offer the same budget-friendly but premium services at your location. While we highly recommend you book an appointment to avoid the last-minute rush, we take in emergencies and will still handle them with the same expertise.

Knowing that emergencies happen, we allow weekend bookings as well as late evening and early morning appointments. Since we are located in the Fairfax VA area, our technicians are quick to get to you and they work quite fast too to avoid any inconveniences. Booking an appointment is always recommended to avoid disappointment.

Allstate is known for dealing in high-quality auto glass. We source it directly from only certified distributors who get their supply from original manufacturers. These parts may be a little more expensive compared to what other dealers may be offering, but they will last for as long as you have the car. Allstate extends a warranty for the parts, so you are guaranteed value for your money.

Why Choose Allstate?

• Qualified Personnel
Everyone at Allstate is highly qualified and certified. They are not only experienced – over 15 years combined experience – but they also undergo annual training to be in touch with all industry innovations and new requirements. The customer care team is just as well trained. Upon booking an appointment with us, you will get all the help you need and a timely invoice.

• Insurance Covers
As a result of dealing with insurance companies all the time, we have developed good relationships and connections and so we take the burden of contacting your insurance provider off your hands. First, we take all insurance covers and will communicate with the provider to get them to pay the deductible amount that you are entitled to, after which we invoice the difference.

• We Come to You
Too busy to bring in your car for repairs? Our technicians will come to you and save you the drive. We not only repair auto glass, but we also vacuum the seats and inside the car, leaving it much better than we found it. We also check to be sure that the car is in great condition and make appropriate recommendations at no charge.

You won’t have to worry about charges after your windshield has been repaired because Allstate technicians will invoice you upfront. No surprise charges and you can always get that insurance deductible! Do not hesitate to contact us for all your windshield repair needs in Fairfax, VA.

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